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Deliver hundreds of thousands updates per second with every instance of WebSync.


WebSync runs on IIS with .NET, Apache with Mono, or as an embedded server.


WebSync just works; no complicated setup procedures and no firewall issues.

Leading Edge

Proper port-80 WebSockets are automatic for all client platforms when using IIS 8.

Broad Platform Support

WebSync includes client libraries for JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, Mac, Mono, .NET, .NET Compact, Silverlight, Unity, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS, as well as server support for Mono, .NET, and PHP.

What is WebSync?

Push data to web clients with zero configuration.

WebSync is a highly scalable HTTP streaming (comet) server built for the Microsoft stack (.NET/IIS) using the Bayeux protocol.

WebSync allows you to push live data to a web browser or any other compatible client without requiring any plugins, security changes, or dedicated servers.

WebSync leverages the power and ubiquity of IIS to allow easy integration into existing applications with a simple learning curve.

WebSync is currently used for chat, streaming stock data, live auctions, real-time monitoring, news updates, and many other applications.

Bypass firewalls and deliver tens of thousands of messages per second.

WebSync is the leading production-ready HTTP streaming (comet/reverse Ajax) server for those of us using the Microsoft stack (.NET/IIS).

Unlike other HTTP streaming solutions, WebSync does not require any additional servers, different ports, or fancy configuration. WebSync works directly with IIS (or the development server shipped with Visual Studio), and can therefore be easily added to any ASP.NET project with little more than a couple web.config entries. No need to host additional servers, mess with extended installations or configuration, or figure out what security restrictions are in place - WebSync "just works".

In addition to being made for Microsoft's platform and being very simple to use and integrate, WebSync has incredible performance. In our testing, we took an old commodity desktop and simultaneously connected over 30,000 users with over 100,000 messages being delivered per second. Now those are some numbers you can work with!

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What Is Comet?

Push data to your clients instantly, as events occur

Traditionally, HTTP requests communicate with web servers synchronously.

Traditional HTTP

Traditional HTTP

With comet (a.k.a reverse Ajax, HTTP push, HTTP streaming, etc), a connection is established and maintained with the server, allowing full duplex communication, meaning the server can push events out to the client in real-time.

Comet Reverse Ajax

With Comet

WebSync uses a standards-based publish/subscribe methodology to send data to connected clients; these clients can be .NET clients, iOS clients, JavaScript clients, Java clients, Windows Phone clients, or any other client that implements the standard protocol used with WebSync.

The data sent through WebSync is formatted as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a well known and highly cross-platform, cross-language standard.