Frozen Mountain Partner Program

What is it?

The Frozen Mountain Partner Program (FMPP) connects development partners and WebRTC advocates with Frozen Mountain's products to deliver the best Real-Time Communications solutions to customers. 

Members of the partner program receive these benefits, plus more:

  • Exclusive Partner Program webinars and events;
  • Easy access to Frozen Mountain marketing materials;
  • Premium-level support if you are working with the referral to build their RTC application with a Frozen Mountain Product;
  • 20% commission for each referral that results in the sale of a Frozen Mountain product;
  • A 20% share of 1st year recurring monthly revenue from any LiveSwitch customer you refer to us, 10% in the 2nd year. 



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How Does it Work?

1.  Apply to join the Frozen Mountain Partner Program.  

2.  Register your referrals with one of these three easy methods:

  • Go to and register your referral's potential interest in purchasing a Frozen Mountain product;
  • Add links from your website, blog pages, or social media to anywhere at  If your registered domain is the original source for a contact that subsequently purchases a Frozen Mountain product, you will be credited as the referrer and will receive a commission on the sale;
  • Email and introduce us to your referral.

3.  We'll send you a sales commission payment and a share of the recurring monthly revenue resulting from your referral's purchases.